Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Honey Beer Cake

A beery chocolate cake with honey and oatmeal stout frosting. Each layer is steeped with a honey beer syrup. Truly delcious, even for a beer-hater like me!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hello to each of you, and welcome to my new blog, for my new business- Rue de Lis Desserts!

I am beyond excited for this new adventure in my life. Every step of my life has led up to this moment, and whether I am ready or not, I am taking the leap.

So let me tell you why.

Why am I opening a business? Well, to know, I think first you must ask what I truly believe in.

If nothing else, I believe in PASSION. Since I was a young girl I have found the romance of cooking and baking in the kitchen. I was only nine years old when I took my first cooking class, and even then I was able to capture the smells, the taste, and the beautiful design of the food I ate. How it affected each and every one of my senses, and that stuck with me.

Cooking (and baking) has always been an intimate experience to me. I can't help but think how much each meal has the potential to affect the one enjoying it. Think of your favorite meal. Most people think of the flavor, the taste- but there is so much more to a life changing meal.

Now take yourself back to the first time you ate your favorite food. What did it smell like, look like, taste like? Was it steaming hot or ice cold? What was the atmosphere like? Were the lights dim and the ambiance romantic, or did you enjoy it outside on your back porch on the perfect day? Who did you eat it with? What else was going on in your life- was this the meal that healed you from your bad break up, or did it quench your hunger after a long day of snowboarding?

I love to think about all of this when I bake. I wonder who will enjoy the treats I've labored to make, and put all of my heart and soul into. Maybe it is their wedding cake, the one and only wedding cake they will ever have. Or a first birthday cake. Or cupcakes for their high school graduation.

Food surrounds our lives and enhances all of our greatest moments.

Baking, and eating for that matter, is a beautiful and poetic experience that amplifies my life in all different shapes and forms.
I am opening this company to help my passion thrive, and to help others with the same passion learn and grow. But I don't want it to stop there- I want my passion to shine through my desserts and inspire others to live their dreams as I have. To take risks for whatever it is you love to do. And to always remember:

 "I am not afraid of failure, for I am not looking to succeed. I am looking to learn." - anon

Happiness is the journey, and if you are doing what you love, and always take what comes as an opportunity to learn, you have no other option but to truly be happy.