Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My New York Bakery Tour.

This year I got to go to New York for the second time. I went a few years ago, but this time I promised myself that I was going to visit some awesome bakeries for some inspiration. My old boss from Les Madeleine's used to live in NYC, and she said that the first place we had to visit was the Doughnut Plant. Let's just say that was a superb piece of advice. The doughnuts were so unique, they had flavors like key lime, creme brulee, valrhona chocolate, etc. Our favorites were the tres leches and creme brulee. (Licks lips). 

Afterwards we got to visit Little Italy, which had a bakery that was filled to the BRIM with beautiful desserts like the picture here. These were some mousse petit fours, and they tasted just as sweet and beautiful as they looked.

This was a bakery we stumbled upon in the financial district called Financier. They had a bunch of french macarons, that were just too perfect. It was almost painful to see how delicate and precise they all were. Don't they just look so beautiful in rows like this? (Sorry this picture is so dark :)

Here are some breakfast pastries from a bakery right by the Today show. Sadly, I don't remember the name.....We got to be on TV, and then ran over here where I got an almond raspberry croissant. Damn, New York is so good at studding each moment with great food and desserts, I tell ya.

And these were some pastries from my favorite store in all of New York (that I've been to). The store is called Dean and Deluca, and if you are ever in SoHo, stop there. It is a pretty big specialty food market with just about everything you could ever imagine. I could spend hours there looking at each item. It is just so fun!

New York really knows how to make breath taking pastries. Ahh, what a wonderful place it is.

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