Thursday, April 11, 2013

Moroccan Dessert Spread

I am excited to finally show you my latest project! I have been loving anything Moroccan lately, so I wanted to do a Moroccan themed dessert bar. I asked my friend Katie of Sharp and Keen to take some pics so I could showcase some great and unique ideas for weddings this summer. Being the amazing photographer she is, Katie got some GREAT shots!

Back when I got married, I really didn't look too far for something that was unique to Derek and I. Looking back, there is SO much more we could have done to show those we love who we are. You can tell so much to others through your food and style. It is one of my favorite ways to communicate my thoughts and inspirations!

If you are getting married this year, be creative! Look outside of the box for some crazy ideas- and that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money. I love helping put together dessert bars, so if you ever need ideas, let me know. It's so fun!

vanilla meringue sandwiches with passion fruit filling
                                      orange blossom french macarons                                                                      

homemade marshmallows : giant palmiers

pecan sandies- just my favorite cookie ever!

some other great shots!

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